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좋아요와 구독버튼을 눌러주세요^-^! -------------------------------------- 따개비루(영어) http://me2.do/5Ml0HUYD 따개비루(한국어) http://me2.do/FbW7j3XQ 따개비루 친구들이야기(한국어) http://me2.do/5TI7uttL -------------------------------------- Bella makes an ice cream machine. Lou and Cruru watch amazed. Bella puts fruits in the machine to demonstrate and waits for the ice cream to come out, but only melted ice cream comes out separately followed by ice. Bella is depressed as she cannot find the reason why it does not work. Lou and Cruru try this and that to help Bella and find that a screw on the pulley has fallen out. Lou and Cruru let Bella know and Bella fixes it easily. Then delicious ice cream starts coming out. Lou, Cruru, and Bella are extremely happy and deliciously eat the ice cream.