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좋아요와 구독버튼을 눌러주세요^-^! -------------------------------------- 따개비루(영어) http://me2.do/5Ml0HUYD 따개비루(한국어) http://me2.do/FbW7j3XQ 따개비루 친구들이야기(한국어) http://me2.do/5TI7uttL -------------------------------------- Lou goes to Cruru's place to play. He crosses the ocean and a bridge, and he finds a baby turtle flipped over. Watching the struggling turtle, Lou smiles and gently flips it over. Lou walks excitedly. But he finds Cruru trying to flip another bigger young turtle. The young turtle must also have been flipped over. Lou helps Cruru and they flip the young turtle back. Cruru and Lou are walking down the road. This time, Bella is struggling to flip over a mommy turtle. Lou and Cruru help but she is too heavy to flip over. What to do? Lou takes out a big air bubble from his pocket and puts it around the turtle, but the turtle starts rolling down the hill. In a mess, they arrive at Jambo while the friends struggle with the air bubble. What to do? Lou comes up with a good idea. They can flip the turtle with the water from Jambo's air hole. "Jambo!" Lou asks for a favor and Jambo helps flip the turtle. The mommy turtle and baby turtles say thank you.