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The Bosch KTS 340, the latest addition to the Bosch Diagnostic range.... KTS 340: More know-how, more networking The number of electronics systems in a vehicle is increasing rapidly. Increasingly, they are networked to safety, comfort and convenience systems. Driving forces behind this development are not only customer desires for increased comfort, but also safety regulations and statutory emission standards. In the face of this challenge, pure ECU diagnostics is no longer sufficient. Further information provided by efficient test equipment is also necessary. A device for all occasions Many workshops need a multifunctional tester. The KTS 340 fulfills this desire. All "tools" necessary for troubleshooting are available in the tester. It is ideally suitable for independent workshops and fast fitters, or as a secondary device for mobile use. KTS 340: Fast diagnosis and simple repairs * Everything for complete vehicle diagnostics: ECU diagnostics, troubleshooting, repair and maintenance * New intuitive operating concept covering all information * Fast and easy to operate via the touchscreen with a standardized screen concept * Can be switched over immediately: From control unit diagnostics to troubleshooting (component repair) and vice versa * Ideal in service speeds up the work steps that make money for the workshop * Easy to handle, mobile everywhere in the workshop and can be used in or on the vehicle * Can perform all workshop tasks: Integrated measuring technology and integrated WLAN (in preparations) * Handy and portable with a large range of functions * Mobile power supply through commercially available batteries * Future-proof: Integrated OBD adapter