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Another Item tracking device new to the market is TrackR. A small bluetooth device that pairs with your smartphone iOS or Android and lets you find a missing item. Signal strength meter, audio alerts allow you to find your device. Also last known GPS where abouts when last connected to a smartphone are available in a map view (Not shown in the video). Separation alerts if you leave your phone or the item the TrackR is attached to behind. Crowd finding if you flag your item lost, if anyone gets within range the last known GPS location is updated on the TrackR server. Great for those always losing their keys, or work badge, etc. Get yours here http://www.thetrackr.com Are you a Youtube Content Creator? Want to be? Check out this site for sponsorship promotions where you can earn money and gear for reviewing products like me. https://famebit.com/a/MardeeThompson Follow me on Twitter @MardeeT Donate to the channel here http://www.cash.me/mardeet All Proceeds go back to the channel for equipment or product to review for you. Thanks in Advance!