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A short video on how to fix your mic input sound after the Windows 10 upgrade. You usually won't notice that you have this issue unless another person on voice chat points it out. vv PLEASE READ MORE vv NOTE: Many of you in the comments are assuming that I know a lot more about computers and the Windows 10 OS. I do not. I found this solution with some trial and error while messing around with the settings. If you are still having issues, I most likely can't help you any further. Sometimes the issue could be based on the brand of computer you have. I have a Lenovo PC laptop which I used to make the video on. I also have an Asus PC desktop. The two have some slight variations to their settings because both brands have different features for their PC. So your problem can possibly not be solved with just this solution I provided. If for any reason you didn't like the video or saw/heard something that wasn't good or you think I should improve upon, please comment it below. I like constructive criticism! If there is anything you want me to make a video about, comment it. I do have a few more videos that I haven't finished editing so keep a look out for them! End song: Jazz In Paris from the Youtube Audio Library